Hello, I am Mindy, founder of Sunflower Song.

As a new mother, years ago, I found myself worrying about my children’s safety and thus their mortality. Death, in my mind, meant “the end.” That is until the unexpected and tragic death of a friend’s young partner. At that time, I discovered a gift that I didn’t know existed. I found myself receiving wisdom from the spirit realm and was able to tap into a universal consciousness, one that connects us to an infinite well of unconditional, expansive, and ineffable love. This single event marked my own awakening.  As a violinist, music teacher, and conductor, I also discovered that music is a natural and powerful conduit that connects us to the sacred realm. If our hearts remain open and we invite the wisdom to come in, I believe that our loved ones send us unmistakable signs that they are still with us to offer comfort, healing, and guidance from the spirit realm. My experience has taught me to believe that death is not the final chapter. My hope and vision is to help others embrace death as a sacred rite of passage as well as to bring dignity and honor to one of life’s greatest transitions.   

“When we are whom we are called to be, we will set the world ablaze.

~St. Catherine of Siena