Hello, I am Mindy.

Sunflower Song is the name of my business. I believe everything is connected, and light and sound are two fundamental healing modalities. I have always loved sunflowers for what they symbolize; they follow the sunlight and when it is dark, they face each other and radiate from their shared energy. As a violinist, music teacher, and conductor, I discovered that music is a natural and powerful conduit that connects us to something ineffable -“sacred.” Music soothes the soul, and I use the song of my violin to bring light, comfort, and joy t0 others. I am especially passionate about performing for elders…in assisted living centers, rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities, at bedside during the end-of-life, and for memorial services. I was called to this ministry after sitting bedside with my grandmother, keeping vigil, and sharing the warmth of my violin with her as she passed. My experience with her helped me to embrace death as a sacred rite of passage as well as to bring dignity and honor to her transition.   

“When we are whom we are called to be, we will set the world ablaze.

~St. Catherine of Siena