My Vision

My specialty is facilitating healing through the use of music at bedside, during workshops, and for ritual and ceremony.  I believe that ill health-whether it be mental, physical, or emotional, is due in large part to being disconnected from our spiritual self. I believe that in order to heal, we need to establish connection with our Divine Source of Light-whatever that personally means for each individual. When we create daily practices around mindfulness and setting intention, we live our lives more fully in the present, and are thus less afraid of death. 

Sunflower Song is the name of my business.  I believe everything is connected…and light and sound are the two fundamental healing modalities.  I have always loved sunflowers and what they symbolize; they follow the sunlight and when it is dark they face each-other and radiate from their shared energy.  Music soothes the soul and using the song of my violin as a healing tool to bring joy and comfort to others plays a significant role in my work as an End-of-Life Doula. 

I also help individuals plan for a “Good Death,” by using the Best 3 Months Curriculum developed by the Conscious Dying Institute.  I meet with people in any stage of life, to identify their end-of-life wishes and prioritites regarding Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Practical needs.  Being proactive in the planning of our own transition helps us embrace death more readily and relinquish fear.

Grief and bereavement for the loved ones that remain on Earth is necessary for healing.  I continue to support families as needed after their loved one takes their last breath.  It is my honor to help families with the sacred washing of their loved one’s body if they choose.  This ritual can provide great healing for the family. 

I am privileged to walk your spirit to the edge of the threshhold and encourage you on your “next chapter.”

-certified as a Sacred Passage: End-of-Life Doula with the Conscious Dying Institute, November 2019 (Boulder, Colorado)

-also trained in Shamanic Journeying, Power Stacking, Healing with Spiritual Light, Extraction, Medicine for the Earth, and Psychopomp