My Vision

Sunflower Song is the name of my business. I believe everything is connected…and light and sound are the two fundamental healing modalities. I have always loved sunflowers and what they symbolize; they follow the sunlight and when it is dark they face each-other and radiate from their shared energy. Music soothes the soul; I use the song of my violin to bring comfort and joy to others.

I am especially passionate about performing for elders…in assisted living and memory care centers, rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities, at bedside during the end-of-life, and for memorial services. I was called to this ministry after playing my violin for my grandmother as she passed and a dear friend at her bedside in her final hours. It was an ineffable experience to see the impact that the music had on both of them as they approached their last breath. It is an honor and privilege for me to be able to play a part in bringing peace and comfort to anyone who is navigating the emotions and fears that accompany the season of death.

-certified as a Sacred Passage: End-of-Life Doula with the Conscious Dying Institute, November 2019 (Boulder, Colorado)