Thank you again for your gifts and your generosity. Words do not adequately express the gratitude for what you did for our family. Thank you for bringing a moment of joy and meaning to my Dad who has been suffering for so long. He said, ‘I will never forget this,’ and I know he will cherish your kindness for the rest of his life.”

– Warmly, Sally

You are such a blessing! To be so very talented and to want to share your talent with those in need of an emotional lift is incredible. Your solo concert for my husband was so appreciated, so perfect to lift his spirits…THANK YOU…he has c0me a long way in the rehab center and you gave him the boost to make him get started! I simply cannot THANK YOU enough for your dedication to helping others by using your amazing talent-and exquisite violin!

– Truly Grateful, Joyce

“All a loved one can ask for during a funeral service is to truly feel the presence of the one they’ve lost. Mindy gave that to our family. By playing a piece my nephew had played in his high school orchestra, with very short notice, she helped create a meaningful and spiritual connection to Ty and his love of playing the violin. Mindy’s willingness and compassion helped us find comfort in the midst of tremendous grief. We are forever grateful.”

– Mindy Davidson, Aunt of Ty

“I met Mindy ten years ago and can honestly say that she is one of the most amazing human beings I know! Kind, loving, empathetic, and has a calm, soothing voice and demeanor. She is a fantastic musician as well. We are both violinists and and I frequently call her to play with me at weddings and memorials.”

– Tracy LaGuardia, Founder of A Touch of Class Music

“Mindy was a blessing to my husband and me when he was in a rehabilitation facility after his surgery. She came in with her violin and treated us to her beautiful music. My husband was soothed and comforted as she expertly played his favorites; he was truly happy for the first time in many days. Mindy’s music is indeed therapy for the heart and soul!”

– Joan R.

I’ve worked with Mindy now in several capacities, each one unique, informative, and inspirational. She is an incredible musician. When she played her violin to our End-of-Life Doula class, it was like heaven opened. I felt she was channeling untold grief within us all. When I had a personal energetic extraction with her, I reviewed insight into who I am as a being. Mindy uses several tools to guide her in removing what no longer serves. I just loved her presence! My last session was when she led a group meditation, guiding us through the veil into the next realm. Each of our experiences were different, and again, insightful. She holds a beautiful container where I feel safe and held.  I would recommend this to anyone wanting to touch into a deeper level of themselves.”

– Ryhana Rae, End-of-Life Doula, Port Townsend, WA

“I enthusiastically recommend Mindy at Sunflower Song, for her broad range of spiritually-grounded services. She is a profoundly gifted and sensitive practitioner who brings her wisdom, experience, unconditional love, and strong moral character to everything she does. Recently, she performed an energetic extraction for me (using Zoom because I live in California). Over the next several days, I began experiencing noticeable and very meaningful changes in my connection to myself and spirit. During the ritual, Mindy skillfully identified and facilitated clearing a ‘block’ in my energetic body that was weakening my motivation and confidence for weeks. Afterwards, I started my daily walks again, experienced a physical realignment of a problematic hip and leg, and a re-connection with my spiritual world. I’m a believer! Thank you Mindy!

– Linda Shields, RN, BSN, PHN

Mindy is a true intuit. Her presence envelops you like a blanket made of grace and compassion. She allows you to feel held and grounded all at once. She truly listens. Her intention for your healing and soul’s transformation is clearly felt in the sacred space she tends to both physically and psychically. At the time of my session I was struggling with crippling headaches. Through her keen assessment, she identified the location causing the pain. I proceeded to feel palpable tingling in my temples followed by relief of headaches from that point on. The process overall was cleansing, healing and profound. She is the embodiment of a true, humble healer. You will quickly find that you can trust her practices and the healings they offer without hesitation. She is a pure conduit for the ancestors and guides who are working through her joyfully. I cannot recommend her sessions enough.

– Hannah Fowler, End-of-Life Doula, Key West, FL