End-of-Life Doula Defined

My role as an End-of-Life Doula (also called a Death Midwife or Death Doula) is to provide spiritual, emotional, practical, psychological, and physical support to families facing death. I assist the dying in identifying their personal wishes for a sacred and peaceful transition and support the patient, their families, and caregivers in communicating and realizing that goal. My role is to help dispel fear and embrace acceptance about the natural transition of death, which all humans experience. I have witnessed the profound healing impact of music when I have played at bedside vigils, at memorial services, and at graveside interments. I am also honored to provide continued support after death in the form(s) of:

  • Sacred Care of the Beloved’s Body (Washing and Anointing with Oil if desired)
  • Assisting families with planning a desired burial (I can also educate about Green Burial options)
  • Helping plan or officiate a memorial, funeral, or celebration of life service
  • Bereavement Support (Checking in with family and friends after death)

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